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Dakar 2013. Carlos Sainz got his 20 minutes back

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 14:11

Yesterday morning Carlos Sainz managed to persuade the race officials that his loss of 20 minutes was the official GPS device fault so they restored the time for him. Yesterday afternoon he lost the 20 minutes again, this time due to the electrical issues eith his buggy engine. But this was not the end of the story: now Sainz gets 20 minutes back from officials…


Official site: 03:01 : RACE OFFICIALS’ DECISION

The race officials for the car category,

After having examined the report made by the Race Director,

After discussions with the Race Director,

After discussions with competitor number 303,

After discussions with technical service provider ERTF,

Have taken the following decision:

Cancelation of the decision taken previously by the Race Management, on the following basis:

The Race Management took its decision on 6th January 2013 further to a claim from competitor 303 on the basis of partial technical analysis proving that the main GPS experienced malfunctions.

Comprehensive and more detailed analysis, based on the final report made by ERTF, in fact revealed that the second GPS was functioning correctly.



Overall after 3 days, changed (cars) >>>